Australian Lottery Winning Tips

Winning the Australian Lottery can be hard to do, you need real Australian Lottery Winning Tips to boost your chances to win. We are talking about winning the big lotto games such as Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, OZ Lotto and Powerball.

Now of course you would tend to be more focused at winning the Division 1 lottery cash prize, but did you know it is actually better to focus on the smaller winnings, as Division 2 and Division 3 cash lottery prizes as they are far easier to win! Australians love playing their lottery games and do want to win, but when asked what strategy they were using, most stated they just used random lottery numbers, which sorry to say is a big mistake! Using self picked or random lottery numbers rarely even wins a Division 6 lottery prize, so this should tell you, you need to play Australian Lottery using a smarter strategy.

There was a survey held a while back asking Australian Lottery players what strategy was working for them to hit winning lottery numbers more frequently. The out come of the survey results show you the real winning percentages.

  1. Australians using plain random lottery numbers winning average was 1%.
  2. Australians using Hot and Cold lottery numbers winning average was 2%.
  3. Australians using proven strategy to pick lottery numbers winning average was 8%.

The statistics show to hit Australian Lottery winning numbers more often, a real proven winning strategy is a must have, unless of course you play the lottery to lose! We did some in-depth research and found a few lottery systems that are being highly praised for doing well with the Australian Lottery games, the main one being the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This same winning system actually won best winning lottery system two years in a row over many so-called top lottery systems. Open up the poll results and see for yourself which systems were voted on as best winning systems.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

You may never hit the larger Division 1 lottery cash prizes, but you certainly can increase your odds to improve your chances. By using a top winning lottery system your odds to win will be much better for playing Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, OZ Lotto and Powerball. You will most definitely increase your win rate over non-winning strategies, as the very commonly used random lottery number strategy.

When we give you our Australian Lottery winning tips, we know they are going to give you a much needed improvement in hitting Australian lottery games winning numbers and more winning success, means you are always that much closer to actually winning a big Division 1 lottery cash prize, it just makes sense!

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Real Lotto Winning Strategies

To be successful at winning the lotto games, you must learn about lotto and how to play the lottery in a more successful manner. Then trying to win the lottery such as Monday Night Lotto, New York Lottery, Florida Lotto, Powerball, Texas Lotto, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, Michigan Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Lotto Max, Mega Millions, National Lottery, South African Lottery, PA Lottery, Colorado Lottery and so on, it will become much easier to do if you learn to play lotto smarter. Seriously, this is the main reason that most lotto players cannot win even the small lottery cash prizes. I will give you a simple lottery strategy to use that will definitely give you much better wining success!

Start by increasing the number of lotto tickets you play per lottery draw. This simple tip will increase your win rates a little and always just play one chosen lottery game at a time and stick with it. To get even greater benefits of playing more lottery tickets and hitting more winning lotto numbers, you must now add in a good playing lotto strategy, meaning play more intelligently. This means you will need to us a winning lottery system and forget quick picks or picking your lottery numbers by numerology, astrology or horoscopes and so on. When I say to use a winning lottery system, It means only the systems that have been thoroughly verified tested and proven in real world use giving winning lottery success!
 You must avoid common useless lottery systems as these will not help you at all! You should never buy a system if it is sold through places as ClickBank as  this is a major mistake many regret doing. Most all gambling systems sold through ClickBank are made up and sold by very shady marketers (click bank is not shady just the sellers).  You may have tried a few of these systems, the ones with phony scenarios like The Lotto Black Book, Lottery Cash machine, Formula 1 Lotto System, Silver Lotto System, Lottery Variant System, Mark Bower Lottery System plus many others. I would like to point of that these types of systems have affiliates selling them which is a clear sign they do not win lottery games.
Many real lottery winners use a system called Lotto Guy Lottery System, it’s a real legit University Developed Proven system designed by real techs not marketers, No Garbage! This exact winning system has worked wonders for 75% of the lotto players who use it. This excellent system won best lottery system by poll two years in a row (solid Proof of a winning system). It is highly recommended for all pick 5 lotto games, pick 6 lotto games and pick 7 lotto games.
If you want a very fast, very easy type lottery system to use that is still very effective, you will want a wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Very easy to use system, great for all lotto players who want a low cost, high win ratio wheeling system. Works great for all pick 5 lotto games and pick 6 lottery games worldwide and has an excellent winning track record for many lottery games as Texas Lotto, Lotto 649, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, PA Lottery, Illinois Lottery, UK Lotto, Australian Lottery, South African Lottery plus many others. Of course there are a couple other systems that work some what OK to increase lottery win rates, but these two systems are known world-wide as the very best!
Follow these real lottery winning tips and you will most definitely see real lottery winning numbers success, your win rates will explode! If you continue to use the silly lottery systems, you will see your win rates stay the same or drop. You now have the knowledge to win the lottery easier using real lottery winning strategies, get out there and lets win the lottery!
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