The Lotto Black Book Review

We are very upset to find The Lotto Black Book still on the market, as it has been proven a false lottery system. This is not just an opinion, we have every single lottery system review site reporting this system is a false system. The system was not developed by any math professor Larry Blair, just a regular common marketer who used a phony scenario of being created by an Oklahoma Math Professor. If you have followed the many various sales pages for the Lotto Black Book you would see many false claims, such as being shot in the leg for the secret formula, ya right! Who in the world would shoot this so called professor in the leg and risk jail, they would just need to buy the system duhh!

It has been pointed out by some websites that investigated this system, all the testimonials used were false! The photo of supposed Larry Blair was found again to be fake, it was really a person named Michael Anderson who won the lottery and is not a math professor and does not own the Lotto Black Book System. See the actual photo used who was supposed to be Larry Blair, photo has now been removed as was caught as a fake, now has a different sales page. On the original photo the face was blacked out. This was done so people would not see the true person in the winning lottery photo.

Not Larry Blair and Does Not Own The Lotto Black Book.

Not Larry Blair and Does Not Own The Lotto Black Book.

Not only has the Lotto Black Book System been caught as a false lottery system, it has been tested by many people including myself and if this system was really developed by a professor, he must has been quite a slow professor, as on the first sales page he said it took him about 20 years to develop the system, then on the second sales page he says it took him only 9 years, again big lies! The so-called Lotto Black Book creator Larry Blair says he won the lottery jackpot three times with his Lotto Black Book formula, yet he cannot show a real up close verified winning lottery ticket, I wonder why? It’s because there is no such winning lottery tickets, just a ploy to make you think about winning. Here is the very first person who blew the Lotto Black Book wide open showing it is all false, a total farce of a system, Lotto Black book Fake Product. That was on the first sales page, it is now a video, but still same bogus system that never won any lottery games. In fact I can even show you where this silly Lotto Black Book System placed in the latest best winning lottery system official poll results. Click on the poll results below to open up larger and see where the Lotto Black Book placed. Only got 2 votes for the system, most likely the seller. If it was such a great lottery winning system surely it would have won, but no a system called Lotto Guy Lottery System kicked the Lotto Black Book butt easily!!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

There is no more to say, the Lotto Black Book is a proven false system that has never won a single lottery jackpot and should be reported to Click bank as a system using false advertising. Many people were suckered by the 60 day money back refund guarantee, it rarely happens, so please do not waste your time with this system, get a real verified winning system. Also just so you know every single good review on the Lotto Black Book is also false! All of these so-called great reviews are actually written by affiliates selling or promoting the system to earn commissions. This is just another reason you never buy a system if affiliates can sell, it will be 90% of the time a false useless system as well.

Pass on this article to all your friends or any person who might need to know the Lotto Black Book System is not for real, you have our permission to post the link on any blog or website you may own.

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