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So you think using Horoscope Lotto Numbers is going to help you win the lotto, well think again. Using your Horoscope lucky lotto numbers may be beneficial for other reasons, but winning the lottery is definitely not one of those reasons. Horoscope Lottery Numbers have been around for a very long time and people seem to rely on using these numbers, even over self picked lotto numbers. Let me ask you this. How many lottery winners have you heard winning the lottery, due to using Horoscope Lottery Numbers? I’ll bet you anything it will be very low, as when researching this, it was found that one to two lottery players out of thousands, ever actually won using their Horoscope numbers, not very good winning odds at all!

Generally, most people who play the lottery, stick to the same strategy over and over again even if they never win. Would not the smart decision be to change the way you play lotto? This not only makes perfect sense, it is actually what you need to do to win more frequently. This is not just my opinion, this is proven fact! Most real successful lottery winners never use their Horoscope Lotto Numbers, or Horoscope lucky numbers, Horoscope Dates, Birth-Dates or Random Lottery Numbers. So what do they use to be more successful? The answer is right below on the latest best winning lottery system poll official results.

People who used good solid winning strategy to play lotto, won much more frequently and of course hit jackpots much more often then using any other method period. Take a peek at which lottery systems or strategies that were most voted on as giving best lotto winning success!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

It is very clear by many studies, that trying to win the lottery without a good strategy is a complete waste of time, as the odds to win are just to much against you. You need to increase your odds as much as possible, to hit winning lottery numbers easier, makes sense correct? You now have the results from the poll, pick a strategy to use and stick with it, your win rate will only increase.

We like the two top rated winning systems, Lotto Guy Lottery System which is a pattern analysis system and Smart Play Lotto wheels, which is an excellent top winning wheeling system. You could try a few other systems, but these were the systems voted as best winning systems by real lottery winners, so take heed!

Using your Horoscope Lotto Numbers to play lotto, will only result in a garbage can full of losing lottery tickets, so let’s all start to play smarter and win for a change!! Below are a few other great lottery sites that can help you win the lottery, they also back up what we are telling you to do to win easier.

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