Many Income Streams Scam Review Site Is A Scam!

Many Income Streams Scam Review Site is run by Internet marketer Darren Burton who is a shady marketer writing false harmful, very damaging reviews. This guy says he posts reviews on scams yet does not seem to even know much about the lottery system or program in question. He seems to just add in false information to make a system or product sound bad. He just goes ahead and writes false and or inaccurate information as he sees fit. He defames another businesses trying to make it look bad when in reality the business is not bad at all.

This guy is actually just using other businesses names to draw your attention. He does not even know all the facts about the business nor does he seem to care if he is damaging a respectable business. His main purpose is to attack a business. Then call it a scam. Then direct your attention to what he is trying to sell you.

He is nothing but a shady marketer trying to grab your money. By using a shady tactic called “Bait And Switch Fake Reviews” which hurts businesses he is calling a scam. Yet he shows no solid proof at all. This shady marketer is pushing the wealthy affiliate program. That is his main shady gimmick. This is how he makes money. He should be writing a bad review on himself for doing this shady tactic to many businesses. Is Using Slanderous Inaccurate Tactics

This guy is a big con artist. I would highly recommend you stay clear of anything he is selling on his Many Income Streams Scam Review Site. Any marketer that damages another business by using slanderous inaccurate, false information to promote his product is a con artist. Is disgusting role model for marketers who would never consider doing such a shameful tactic to gain personal wealth.

He states on this site that the Internet is full of scammers.  That statement may be true. Yet he fails to list himself as one of those scammers. We are a lottery system review website. We are appalled to see this shady marketer attacking one of the most respected lottery systems. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is totally legit calling it a scam is a total lie! This was posted on his scam review site as of July/23/2017 Calling a lottery system/business a scam without showing solid proof is slander.

After reading his review on the Lotto Guy Lottery System. We can see this fool does not even know the system he is writing a bad review on. He is posting false and inaccurate information about this lottery system. For starters he says the system is a B.S lottery software program. Well sorry Darren Burton you are incorrect. You are misleading people by this false piece of information.

Do not be fooled by these con artists/shady marketers

This shows us this shady marketer did not even take the time to find out about the system he is calling a scam. This shady marketer also states. That many people who purchased the system received no login details or a refund. Again total made up false information trying to damage the good name Lotto Guy Lottery System.

If any purchaser for some reason did not receive their login details. It would be as easy as contacting their support and they would just re-sent it, no big deal. Also stating purchasers did not get a refund is B.S as the system only sells through PayPal. If no refund was actually given a chargeback can be put in and all would be refunded. So that statement made by Darren Burton is a complete lie.

We do not see anything this shady marketer states in his review of the Lotto Guy Lottery System that shows the system is a scam, not one thing. Now this shady marketer is not only doing this posting of false reviews on lottery systems such as the highly respectable Lotto Guy System. He is doing this to many other systems/programs as well. Do not be fooled by these con artists/shady marketers they do not care about you! They just want your money and will damage other products/programs good names to do it. Poll results show which lotto system is best, not a scam at all.

The “bait-and switch/fake review” is a growing affiliate shady marketing tactic

Just so you know the truth. This shady marketer Darren Burton who is an affiliate of the program Wealthy Affiliate. Is doing these posting of bad reviews as that is what the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches you to do to make money, very disgusting right? The Wealthy Affiliate training materials justify the practice of writing reviews of other products. Then recommending you join Wealthy Affiliate, which by the way is listed as a shady program on Ripoff Report plus other places. Of course you are supposed to be honest in your product reviews. Darren Burton is doing this in a scam type fashion by posting fake reviews on products that are not in fact bad or scams in any way.

The “bait-and switch/fake review” is a growing affiliate shady marketing tactic. It also happens to be illegal, a form of misleading online advertising. Writing false or fake reviews is totally illegal. Darren Burton is a con artist and if your business was falsely reviewed and posted on his Let others know about this scam artist posting fake reviews on his Many Income Streams Scam Review Site.

Just take a look at the other red flags concerning this shady review site. Negative highlights:

  • The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
  • This website does not have many visitors
  • This website slanders many programs with no proof
  • This website has been caught red handed posting fake misleading reviews
  • We found several negative reviews about this site
  • People voted this site as possible fraud on Safe.Shop and Scamadviser
  • This website tries to trick people into buying into affiliate marketing programs

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