Texas Lotto Winning Numbers Strategy

Before you learn Texas Lotto winning numbers strategy, you need to know how to play Lotto Texas. To play you just need to pick 6 winning numbers from 54 draw numbers. Lotto Texas has multi-million dollar jackpots and the drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:12 p.m. CST. The strategy you use to play Texas Lotto, Texas Powerball, Texas Mega Millions, or Texas Cash 5 will be your factor on how good or bad your winning success will be.

We have looked into which lotto strategies are having the best winning track records for the Texas Lottery games and we find two proven effective strategies real lottery winners are using and highly recommending. If you think you have the skills to win the Texas Lottery games using old school common strategies, as past drawn Texas Lotto numbers systems, then you are not alone, as most players think this way as well. Unfortunately this type of strategy does not work very well on it’s own, you need to use real lotto systems designed to increase your odds to hit winning number combinations.

From what we are seeing in our research on lotto strategies that are winning the Texas Lottery games and giving players a real increased chance of winning the lottery are two major system:

Both of these systems are not past drawn lottery systems or lotto prediction software systems so commonly seen these days all claiming to give big win rates, but sorry they are just hyped-up old school ways to play lotto proven to give only very small winning results. You need up to date real verified winning systems if you are to get the best lottery winning results possible.

We have have verified big Texas Lotto and Texas Mega Million winners using Smart Play and have also verified Texas Lotto, Texas Powerball, Texas Cash 5 winners using the Lotto Guy System. So really, we cannot say which system is best out of the two, but we can tell you the easiest system to use is Smart Play and would be an excellent system to use for newbies playing the lottery.

Playing the Texas Lotto or any of the Texas Lottery games could turn your lotto winning dreams into reality, so it only makes good sense to use the same lotto winning strategies real lottery winner use correct?

You can verify the systems I have recommended for playing the Texas Lotto games are for real winning systems by the latest best winning lotto systems poll results. Real lottery winners voted the system that won them lottery games. (Click To Open Larger)

Yoiu will see that most every lotto software or past drawn lotto numbers system failed to win the lottery. The real winning lottery systems are lotto pattern analysis systems and lottery wheeling systems. These are the exact same systems reported by many to do well winning the Texas Lotto and other Texas Lottery games to give them Texas Lotto winning numbers.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

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